ArtCenter Extension FAQ's

What do I do when I get the following error message? 

This error occurs because the system is set up to prevent duplicate records, since some of your information may already be in the system and needs to be manually resolved before you can register.

Please contact one of the following: ACX:, Teens: or Kids:

I'm trying to register for a Teens class or an ACX class and I am getting an error (Registration not allowed in PUBP courses without academic program). What do I do?

This error occurs because  you were registered in a previous section at ArtCenter Extension that does not correspond to the section you are registering for now and pertains to an old program. An ArtCenter Extension staff member has to resolve this issue. 

Please contact the Teens department at for assistance or the ACX department at 


How do I make sure I receive all communications from faculty or the ACX department? 

After logging into, please go under My Account and click on ArtCenter email and verify your email address and mailing address. You can also verify and edit information underneath the Contact Info link. 



I haven't attended ArtCenter Extension programs (Kids, Teens or ACX) in over 5 years, what do I need to do? 

Due to an ew IDM (Identify Mgmt) system, you will need to be registered manually by one of our ArtCenter Extension staff members. Please contact one of the following: 

Please contact one of the following: ACX:, Teens: or Kids:


I'm a parent trying to register my child as a student, what do I do? 

Please register using your child's name and all pertinent information (child's birthdate, etc.). It's important to know the child's name for the instructor teaching the class. What are the age ranges for each of the different ArtCenter Extension programs? 

Kids: 4th - 8th grade, starting age 9

Teens: 9th - 12th grade

ACX: Adults 18 or older