COVID-19 update effective 9/9/2023

Effective September 9, 2023, the Vaccination Policy will sunset and COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters will not be required.  Please note that the College reserves the right to reinstate the policy if guidance from public health organizations and science indicate a change in the exposure to our community. 

Exemptions will no longer need to be requested for unvaccinated individuals.  Individuals who currently have an approved exemption will no longer have restrictions or requirements. 

Changes to the Masking Policy

Masks are only required for Individuals who are in post-isolation status for a period of five days. Masks will be available at Campus Security desks and the tool cribs.  We emphasize engaging professionally and respecting those who choose to wear a mask based on their own risk assessment and personal choice. 


Reporting of positive cases

Cal OSHA and LA County Department of Public Health require the following:

  • All positive cases must continue to be immediately reported to
  • Positive individuals must follow isolation instructions and not return to campus for a minimum of five days.


As we are a global community, it is imperative that we take all aspects into consideration when making decisions. As the virus is everchanging, we must advise that if situations and conditions change for the worse, we will revert back to more conservative policies per our exposure management plan. 

We ask that our community extend the highest level of cooperation, understanding and patience as we move through the next phase of a mask-free environment.