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Interior of classroom with Frederick Gordon Mackay walking around viewing students at work on idea sketches of gasoline station pumps, 1956 (2004.22.256) Photographer unknown

The institutional records are the materials created by campus administrative and academic departments, student groups, and Board of Trustees.  Records include, but are not limited to, meeting minutes, correspondence, public relations clippings, budgets, and printed materials.

Collection Guide:

Board of Trustees (RG 1)

This collection consists of Articles of Incorporation, Board of Trustees Books, minutes, Committee minutes, and correspondence, 1932-2007.  Restricted access 

President’s Office – Edward A. Adams (RG 2.01)

Edward A. Adams was the founder and first president of Art Center.  These few papers are mainly related to his personal life, but also include a few materials about Art Center, 1951-1981.

Corporate Relations (RG 7.05)

This collection consists of files created by the Director and staff of Corporate Relations from 1967 through 2005.  The bulk of the collection is administrative files which document the varied responsibilities of the department.  Also included here are files related to the corporate donor-related events, especially Super Thursdays, and sponsored projects, 1967-2005.

Special Events (RG 8.03)

This collection consists of subject files created by the Special Events Director while planning Art Center events from January 1995 through December 1998.

Public Relations (RG 8.07)

This collection consists of files created by the Directors and staff of Public Relations from 1944 through 2002.  The bulk of the collection is administrative files which document the varied responsibilities of the department.  Also included here are numerous clippings and press releases, as well as photographs and computer files related to the promotion of Art Center, 1944-2003.

Admissions (RG 12.01)

This collection consists of files and printed materials created by the Admissions department from the 1930s through 2007.  The bulk of the collection is statistic reports and the college catalogs.

Art Center’s Wives Club (RG 18)

Founded in 1956, the Art Center Wives Club was sponsored by Art Center to serve as a social and support group for the wives of the college’s male students.  This collection consists of newsletters, minutes, correspondence, photographs, and other materials which document the planning activities, events and meetings of the Art Center Wives Club, 1956-1977. 

Art Center (Europe) (RG 19)

Art Center (Europe) opened in the fall of 1986 with 39 students from 13 countries.  It offered a preparatory program, a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design, and a Bachelor of Science in Product Design and Transportation Design.  The school closed just before its tenth anniversary in March 1996.  This collection consists of correspondence, administrative files, blueprints, and clippings that document Art Center (Europe)’s creation, operation, and closure, 1978-1996.

Accreditation (RG 20)

Accreditation reports and records for the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and to the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD), 1959-1997.

Archetype Press (RG 21)

Established in 1989, Archetype Press at the South Campus is a unique creative resource for students and the community that continues the tradition of letterpress printing technology.   This collection contains documents, examples of student work, and publications from the Archetype Press.

Digital Media (RG 23)

This collection consists of materials created by the Digital Media Department from 1997 to 1999.  The bulk of the collection is related to the “Beyond Glory: Stories of Mack and Jack Robinson” CD-ROM project.

Illustration Department (RG 28)

This collection consists of files created by Illustration Department Chairs Phil Hays, Gary Meyer and David Mocarski.  The bulk of the Phil Hays papers consist of subject files of student projects and competitions.  Also included are people files which contain samples of alumni artwork, many slides of student and alumni projects, and a departmental self-study, 1980-2003.

Product  Design Department (RG 31.01.01)

This collection consists of files created by C. Martin Smith, Product Design Department Chair from 1987 to 2006.  The bulk of the collection is files and images of sponsored projects and student work.




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