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Interior of classroom with Frederick Gordon Mackay walking around viewing students at work on idea sketches of gasoline station pumps, 1956 (2004.22.256) Photographer unknown

Archives Use Policy

Because the material in the Archives is unique and valuable, researchers are required to comply with the following rules when using the Art Center College of Design Archives.

General Rules

  • Research is by appointment only
  • All researchers must register before using the collections
  • Food and drink are not allowed in the research area
  • No material may be removed from the Archives without the archivist’s permission.
  • While the Archives is open to all researchers who agree to the Use Policy, access to some materials may be restricted for such reasons as statutory requirements, or restrictions set forth by the office of origin, by the donor, or because of other issues of confidentiality.  Material may also be unavailable for research if it has not yet been arranged, is particularly fragile, or is of exceptional value.

Rules for Using Archival Materials

  • Browsing is not permitted in the Archives stacks.  Archives staff will bring material to you.
  • Pencils and laptops can be used to take notes. Ink based writing implements are not allowed. 
  • Use extreme caution while handling archival materials and do not fold, or write on, or write on top of, any materials. 
  • Depending on the material requested, you may be asked to wear gloves.
  • Look at one box and one folder at a time. Do not change the order of the materials you are viewing.
  • If you find a discrepancy, or if you have additional information about the material you are viewing, please notify the Archives staff.


  • All copying requests are at the discretion of the archivist.
  • Photocopying requests can be accommodated if the archivist determines the materials are not too fragile or too large. 
  • A member of the Archives staff will make photocopies for you (please refer to the fee schedule).
  • If you desire photographic prints or digital files, please ask a member of the staff.


  • Permission to publish or reproduce material from the collections must be obtained from Art Center College of Design before publication.  If the donor(s) have retained rights to a collection, then the researcher must obtain the donor’s permission before publication.
  • If permission is granted to publish material from the Archives, then the Art Center College of Design Archives must be properly cited.
  • If Art Center materials are reproduced in a publication, the Archives requests a copy of that publication to be donated to the Archives.

Archives Fee Schedule

All requests for Duplication are at the discretion of the Archivist.
All requests for Commercial Use must be approved by Art Center.


Duplication includes photocopies, laser copies, photographic reprints, digital copies, and any other means of creating a second copy of a document or photograph. 
Duplication fees do not include Use Fees, which vary depending on whether the Use is for personal or commercial reasons.
Duplication fees must be paid in advance.

Hard Copies (Made by Archives Staff)
Photocopies:             10 cents each
Laser Copies:            8.5 x 11 $1.50 each
                                  11 x 17 $2.00 each
Per order handling fee: $2.50

Photographic Prints (Made by Photo Lab)
Lab Costs*
Per order handling fee: $10.00 
*(Including costs to create a copy negative if one is required.  The Archives will retain the copy negative.)

Electronic Copies
General Fees
     $5.00 per image
     $1.25 for CD
     Minimum $5.00 handling fee

Students and Alumni
     No charge for scanned images
     $1.25 for CD
     No more than 20 images per order

Copies made with Researchers own camera
Currently, the Archives does not allow Researchers to make copies with their own camera.





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