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Hillside Campus: The 30th Anniversary of Art Center’s move to Pasadena

Since the early 1960s, Art Center’s leadership – then known as the Board of Regents – was determined to create a new, larger campus.  The College had long outgrown its facilities at the Third Street campus in Hancock Park.  After looking at more than 40 sites, Art Center chose a 175-acre property in the San Rafael Hills of Pasadena in 1971.  Cited as its key attributes were the site’s location on a beautiful hillside near a residential area, accessibility by nearby freeways, and proximity to other educational institutions such as Caltech.

Art Center hired Craig Ellwood Associates for the project. Best known as a Case Study House architect, Ellwood has previously worked with Art Center President Don Kubly on the design and construction of Kubly’s own house, also located in Pasadena, in the mid-1960s.  Collaborating with Ellwood on the Art Center project were James Tyler (Design Associate), Stephen Woolley (Project Architect), and Alfred Caldwell (landscape design).

Don Kubly, with Model

Great Day Invitation

Groundbreaking Celebration
Aerial Site View

Planting Trees

Construction: Hillside Site
Construction: Foundation
Construction: Steel Framework

Construction: The Bridge
Construction: Main Stairway
Construction: Bridge Supports

Dedication Ceremony
Dedication Ceremony
Finished Building

Finished Building
Finished Bridge
The Atrium

Front Steps
New Library
New Library

South Wing Expansion


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